Configure phone numbers

Once you connect the phone numbers to the project, you’ll be able to use this pool of numbers for tracking the sources and channels your callers came from.

These numbers will participate the dynamic numbers insertion or tracking the calls from your static channels. So, on this step, you should add the numbers you want to use for tracking the ad channels which bring the callers to you.

As you already chose the plan and calculated the required number of phone numbers for your project using our Rate Calculator, you can rent them from the other providers or send us the request for the numbers using “I don’t have any SIP-numbers” button. Once we get your requests, we’ll reach you to clarify all the details asap and will help you to connect the numbers to the project.

Please note: you can not use simple phone numbers for insertion. It should be SIP phone numbers.

Case 1: You already have the SIP-numbers and want to add them to your project

To connect your SIP-numbers to Ringostat, go to VirtualPBX > Connecting phone numbers and add a phone number filling the required fields with such details as:

  • SIP-login - a login of the SIP-number for authentication.
  • SIP-password - a password of the SIP-number for authentication (in the case of the number registration is required).
  • SIP-gateway - a gateway (domain) of the SIP-number for authentication;

You can get all this data from your provider.

Then attach the call forwarding scheme to each number in order to set the call routing configurations and save it.

If you didn’t find the gateway you need, go to VirtualPBX > Gateway settings and add a new custom one.

Once you added the number you should make a test call to it in order to verify it and check if it was registered properly in your project. After your test call the number should get the last date and time of the call - in this case it’s your call.

Case 2: If you want to rent the SIP-numbers at Ringostat

Click on “I don’t have any SIP-numbers”, fill the form with required information and our support team will help you to connect them to your project.

What’s next?

Now, as you’ve already added the numbers to your project and configured the insertion, go to the final step and activate your account with the Trial or the Active status.

In case you need any assistance feel free to contact our Support team via chat or through the email

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